Practice Directive no. 2/09

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The Chief Justice for the Pascua Yaqui Court of Appeals (hereinafter "Chief Justice"), in his efforts to improve the efficiency and accessibility of the Court of Appeals, hereby issues Practice Directive no. 2/09 on the submission of proposed orders before the Pascua Yaqui Court of Appeals.

Any practitioner applying to the Court of Appeals for an order shall accompany their application with a proposed order.


The proposed order shall:

        -  include a header with the names of the parties and the case number; and,

        -  set forth the relief requested

The court and its judges are not bound by the proposed order and may issue findings of their own.

Only an order signed by a judge and issued by the court administrator shall have binding effects on the parties.

The full text of the practice directive is attached. Please contact the administrative attorney for the Court of Appeals if you have any question.

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