Practice Directive no. 1/09

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The Chief Justice for the Pascua Y aqui Court of Appeals (hereinafter "Chief Justice"), in his efforts to improve the efficiency of the Court of Appeals and to promote its standing within the legal community of the Pascua Yaqui Tribe, hereby issues Practice Directive no. 1/09 for the management of cases before the Pascua Yaqui Court of Appeals.

In response to a growing caseload before the Court of Appeals, and in order to decide cases in a timely manner and respect the parties right to due process, the Chief Justice may prioritize cases that have been on the docket for more than 4 months.

Additionally, the Chief Justice may assign cases that have been prioritized to specially appointed Associate Justices.

The appointment of such special Associate Justices is solely for the purpose of case management.

The full text of the practice directive is attached. Please contact the administrative attorney for the Court of Appeals if you have any question.

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