Cases by Legal Topic

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Case Number Partiessort icon Case Status Case Opened
CA-13-0004 Aguilar v. PYT Closed Oct 29 2013
CA-02-004 Alvarez v. Mendoza Closed Sep 5 2002
CA-15-001 Amador v. Leyva Closed Jan 14 2015
CA-02-001 Baltazar v. Lopez Closed Oct 23 2001
CA-08-004 Bustamante v. Gomez Closed Dec 13 2007
CA-14-005 Coronado v. PYT Closed Jul 21 2014
CA-14-002 Delacruz v. PYT Closed Apr 15 2014
CA-11-002 Desert Modulars Inc., v. PYT Closed Feb 8 2011
CA-08-018 Flores v. Pascua Yaqui Board of Elections Supervisors Closed Aug 12 2008
CA-09-007 Francisco v. Pascua Yaqui Housing Authority Closed Jan 5 2009
CA-08-006 Frias v. Yucupicio Closed Feb 5 2008
CA-07-015 Frias v. Yucupicio et al. Closed Aug 7 2007
CA-04-003 Galas v. Bustamante Closed Aug 31 2004
CA-14-0004 Global Cash Access, Inc. and Central Credit, LLC v. PYT Closed May 22 2014
CA-01-001 Gonzales v. PY Housing Authority Closed Jan 22 2001
CA-09-010 Herrera v. Yrigolla, III Closed Jun 29 2009
CA-13-005 In Re PYT Closed Dec 30 2013
CA-06-003 In re: Alvarez Closed Dec 2 2005
CA-05-005 In the matter of A. F. Closed Sep 12 2005
CA-07-013 In the matter of Angel Valencia Closed Jul 6 2007
CA-08-009 In the matter of Coronado Closed Mar 12 2008
CA-05-004 In the matter of E. E. Closed Jun 27 2005
CA-08-001 In the matter of Herminia Frias Closed Oct 15 2007
CA-07-004 In the matter of Kelly Alvarez Closed Nov 29 2006
CA-06-009 In the matter of Levord McAdams Closed Mar 17 2006
CA-07-012 In the matter of Micah Schmidt Closed Jul 6 2007
CA-03-001 In the matter of Miranda Closed Jan 14 2003
CA-08-011 In the matter of Nicholas Fontana Closed May 20 2008
CA-06-008 In the matter of Nicholas Fontana Closed Jan 23 2006
CA-07-011 In the matter of S. G. Closed Sep 1 2007
CA-06-001 In the matter of Trinity Coronado Closed Oct 19 2005
CA-03-007 Leal v. Leal Closed Sep 22 2003
CA-11-005 Lujan v. PYT Closed Jun 20 2011
CA-11-001 Madrid v. Madrid Closed Nov 12 2010
CA-07-014 Madril v. Madril Closed Jul 10 2007
CA-07-003 Madril v. Stoof Closed Nov 21 2006
CA-13-001 Maldonado v. PYT Closed Jan 14 2013
CA-08-012 Matus v. PYT Closed May 23 2008
CA-05-003 Matus v. Ruiz Closed Apr 21 2005
CA-09-012 Medina v. PYT Closed Aug 24 2009
CA-09-011 Mendibles v. Yrigolla, III Closed Jun 29 2009
CA-15-002 Montiel v. PYT Closed Jan 28 2015
CA-09-002 Moreno v. The Honorable Cornelia Cruz, Pascua Yaqui Tribal Court Closed Oct 3 2008
CA-09-001 Muro v. Marrufo Closed Oct 1 2008
CA-11-006 Noriega v. PYT Closed Jun 20 2011
CA-05-006 PYT v. A. Juvenile Closed Sep 22 2005
CA-06-007 PYT v. A. S. Juvenile Closed Jan 18 2006
CA-07-006 PYT v. A.F. Closed Jan 4 2007
CA-08-002 PYT v. Acuna Closed Oct 25 2007
CA-07-007 PYT v. Alvarez Closed Mar 29 2007